Our Process

Our Process (How to own your dream custom made cabinets)

1. Find the right cabinet for your craft making:

2. Find out the price. Click on the tab that offers “Custom Quote” and fill out your request.

3. Inside Pennsylvania? We have dealers who sell for us in the state of Pennsylvania.If you are close to one of our dealers we will send you to them.

4. Outside Pennsylvania? If you have any questions or after you know your selectionand are ready to make your order, (along with the give us a call at (717) 933-4250 Ext 2.)

5. When we agree on the order and the price, we request a 50% deposit on your product.

6. Upon receipt of the deposit we will send you stain samples so you can select the color and tone that fits your décor.

7. When your piece is completed, we will email you photos of your piece so you know it is completed. We look for the remainder of the payment before the item is shipped.

8. When we receive your payment we will work out your shipment options with you. You will have the option of curbside or inside delivery.

8660 Old 22,
Bethel, PA 19507