Small Crafting Table

Small Crafting Table
& Small Crafting Table Plus (Model 500+) • Features more moulding and upgraded features

The Small Crafting Table (Model 500) was designed for people who need a petite cutting table. Standing at 35”, it is a comfortable height for working while standing. You will appreciate it when cutting fabric or doing other craft projects. Roll out this convenient table in every occasion. It’s perfect as a mobile kitchen island when baking, a party table for guests, a craft or laundry table, or an extra table for seating. With its fold down arms and easy rolling wheels, this versatile table will have you wondering how you ever did without it.

• Dimensions – W 15.5 in. (68 in. Open) x D 31 in. x H 35 in.

The #500+ Small Crafting Table
• Available in three styles – Traditional, Shaker, Le Chateau

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Small Crafting Table in basic version shown in Lynford stain.

Upgrade Options Available for the Small Crafting Table:

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