Standard Features on Our Cabinets

Cabinet Styles

Le Chateau

The Le Chateau increases the size of cabinet 1.5 inch width and .75 depth.


We offer 7 standard paint colors. Inquire about our custom matching.

Oak Stain Options

We offer 9 standard stains. Inquire about our custom matching.

Cherry Stain Options

We offer 9 standard stains. Inquire about our custom matching.

Maple Stain Options

We offer 9 standard stains. Inquire about our custom matching.

Hardware Pull Options

We offer a few standard pulls. However, you may custom choose your own from either of the following hardware suppliers: Hickory Hardware or Amerock

Dovetail Drawers

Dovetailed drawers are standard on all our drawers in our cabintets. Full extension drawer slides are also standard on our cabinets, allowing full use of drawer space.

Air Lift

The air lift is a 3-position lift in preset locations. Lowered, your machine is completely enclosed. In mid-position the work are is level. In the top position the machine is completely exposed.

Upgrade Options for Our Cabinets

Optional Soft Close Serger Lift
Electric Lift

The electric lift allows you to raise and lower your machine with ease. You can position it at any height comfortable for your work.

Tip-out Tray

Tip-out tray is an optional tray above the knee-hole and is a convenient space to add your frequently used sewing accessories.

Support Top

The optional support top is an additional panel of wood designed to provide a support to the wings. This feature is especially popular with larger sewing cabinet models.

Side Wing

The optional side-wing adds extra table top space out the right-hand side.


The backsplash is an additional moulding across the back of your cabinet. When the cabint is open the backsplash servers as a support.

Quilter’s Table

The Quilter’s Table is an additional table top workspace out the back of the cabinet. It can fold down when not in use.

Back Shelf Kit

The back shelf kit is an additional shelving option for the quilter’s table.

Soft Close Drawer

Slamming drawers is hard on furniture. The soft close allows the drawer to close normally until the last inch. A mechanism causes the drawer to slowly close the last inch.

Distressed Finish

Distressed finish gives your furniture a personailty all it’s own. After finishing we rub the edges and apply random distress marks to give the distressed look.

Finished Back

Finish the back panel of your cabinet to match the rest of you cabinet

Sliding Front

The optional sliding front accomodates the knee bar on various Bernina machines.

NOTE: Additional Height feature automatically includes Pocket Door and Floor Drawer options.

Added Height - 33.5" or 35"

We offer additional height feature for our cabinets. We offer two additional height configurations, 33.5” and 35”. The additional height adds a drawer. Some additional features are only available with this upgrade.

Pocket Doors

The pocket door feature is only available on the upgraded height models. It allows your doors to be slid in the sides of the knee-hole.

Floor Drawer

This is a drawer beneath the knee-hole on the extended height cabinets. it can push to be flush with the outer moulding or be recessed in to give more room for chair casters. This feature is only available on cabinets with the additional height option

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